Monday, October 20, 2008

Unknown Visitor in Vivocity

It was my birthday and my colleagues and I went to Vivocity for dinner. As it was a Friday night, the traffic is killing us. We waited for about an hour before we can find a parking lot.
Happily and hungrily we proceed to the restaurants. Wow, all we can see is long queue. We are at a lost which restaurant to patronise and I suggested to just go into one that has shortest queue. We ended up in a Thai restaurant. We thought that the food might not be nice that's why the queue is short. However, it's not the case.

We are just very lucky to get a seat. After we enter the restaurant, the crowd just flop in and I guess they have to wait for at least half an hour before allotted a seat.Being the bday girl, I have the Power to decide what to order. Oh my's expensive. Even though my boss is paying, I can't order expensive food else I'll be out of job the next day :P.

Olive rice is my favorite. It's a must in my list when I visited Thai restaurant.
The Phad Thai noodles is chewy and thumbs up.

Green Curry Chicken is not very spicy but the herbs are fantastic. It's a 4 stars dish.

Thai Tou Fu is the only dish that is not spicy. boss order this cos he knows I can't take spicy food.Save the best for last. Tom Yum Soup is THE BEST. They have two soup base. One is clear base and the other is cream base. For my sick, my colleague order the clear base soup thinking that it might be less spicy. This soup comes in steam boat style that serve 3 - 4 persons. They sell per bowl too if you can't take much.Wow.....the soup is MUST TRY. It's very very spicy but it never deter me from taking. After a few sip. My lips swollen and I drank 2 big glass of water. Well, too nice you see. After drinking water....I continue with the TY soup. haha...

Thanks to my boss and my best colleague cum friend Regine. Who say you can't have colleague to be your friend ?
Hey, you must be thinking what is all these to do with Ghost and Miracles ?????

Haha......friends, did you notice something in the pic ? The one that I took with my beautiful colleague ? Can you see a blur image beside her ? Can you tell me what is it ?

I don't know. I just know that at that moment when we took the pic, I'm thinking of my mother. She love Thai food just like me. At that moment, I'm thinking if she can sees me, she can feel how I feel, she will be glad that I'm so bless to have so many friends and family loving me and celebrating my birthday with me. I believe that she is trying to show me that she knows how much I miss her and how much I wish her to be with me sharing all my happy moments.

Mum, you are with god and I know you will always be my guiding angel watching over me.


Anonymous said...

he3 last sunday i watch pocong2,a movie from indonesia....there is one moment where the 'bomoh' open her 4th dim eye then she can see all ghost....after that she go to a restaurant to eat and then she saw a ghost that drip it saliva into his and his student's food(to make it taste better)maybe that thing is beside you on that picture he3 happy belated birthday

Verytiki said...

Wahahaha........dont be like that leh....hahaha......scard scard...hahaha.....

Thanks dear for your wishes. Hahaa......