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DO NOT try this game as it might have FATAL CONSEQUENCES.
You might be psychologically affected and thus physically affected.
If you know any friend playing, please help them before they go too deep into it.
Practice your judgement and be with GOD instead of the opposite.

About the Spirit :

It’s spirit whom you invite to answer your questions. They are belief to be able predict the future and see your past. They are invisible and usually harmless but playful at times. Some people belief that the spirit is spirit of their relatives, ancestors or friends. Thus, they will not harm you in most circumstances.

Even though, players should not be too obsessed in this game. There are people who are so into this game and treat the answer given as an order. Some people even committed suicide as the answer they get is unfavorable. Always remember, your future is in your hand. Be strong and you are able to change situation even if they are undesirable.

What you need :

Choose a quiet place to play with minimum 3 persons. You can have 4, 5 or 6 players if the saucer is big enough to let all players rest their index fingers on. You are trying to invite kind spirit and not haunting ghost. So try not to play at haunted house and not at 12am as you do not wish to invite ghost that is looking for replacement.

Use a big piece of white paper and a white saucer. In the middle of the paper, draw a circle slightly bigger then the dish representing the ‘home’ of the saucer. Around the ‘home’ circle, write neatly number 0 to 9, alphabets A to Z, ‘yes’, ‘no’ and some simple words if you want (For English). For Chinese version, you can write number 0 – 9 and common words that you can think of such as ‘yes, no, surname, colors etc”. This is for communication between the spirit and players. (When I was very young, I can buy such Saucer Game. It was pack in a bag with a saucer and paper pre-printed with words from provision shops. It’s a common game at that time.).

How to Play :

Place the paper with words and numbers written on it on a table. Invert the saucer and use a market pen to mark an arrow on the bottom of the dish pointing from the center to the rim of the dish (so that when it moves, you know clearly which work the dish is pointing to). Place the up side down saucer in the middle of the paper where you have drawn a circle ‘home’ earlier. All players sit around it and rest their index finger lightly on the dish.
All players to focus and chant softly “saucer spirit, saucer spirit, please come out” (碟仙, 碟仙, 快出来.). All players must be focus and sincere in your invitation. Do not fool around and talk nonsense. Even if one of the player is not focus or sincere, the spirit will not be willing to accept your invitation and answer your questions.

When the spirit arrives, the saucer will start to move left right or in circular motion. Be polite and sensitive when asking question. Do not be rude to the spirit as you might offend it and it might punish you or refuse to leave even though you have decided not to play on. So, be polite and respectful.

Once the saucer starts to move, players can ask questions one at a time. You may take turns asking questions. The spirit will answer your question by moving to the workds indicated on the paper. Always be polite and play at the right place.

YOU SHOULD NOT ASK stupid and offending question such as how did the spirit die, whether he is angry with his death, when did he die etc etc.

When you have no more questions to ask, you have to ask the spirit to return to it’s home politely. All have to chant “saucer spirit, saucer spirit, we have no more question, please go back.” (碟仙碟仙,所有的问题都问完了,你可以回去了.) The saucer will slowly return to it’s ‘home’ in the center of the paper. Before the saucer return to the ‘home’ where it will stop moving, nobody should lift their fingers from the saucer.

Sometimes, the spirit will not return immediately. It that case, all must be sincere and keep repeating the chant of asking it to go home. Do not panic and lift your fingers. It will go home if all players are sincere and focus. They are friendly but sometimes playful.

However, there are rare cases where it refuses to go home. When such things happen, one of the player (preferably virgin) must prick his/her fingers and drip a drop of blood on the saucer. Chanting of holly chants is necessary to protect yourself. This happen when you didn’t actually invite spirit but ghost. So, players must select a clean place before playing. The best is not to play as you can’t be sure who you are inviting.

As this is a game of concentration and focus, many argue that it’s not spirit that you invite but the will power of all players to seek the answers from your sub-conscious.

Don't let your love ones worry for you over a spooky game.

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